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Rich Shuler

Operating Director

Rich Shuler is an Operating Director at Paine Schwartz Partners.

Mr. Shuler joined the firm as an Operating Director in 2018 and brings more than 40 years of experience in the animal health industry. He was awarded the prestigious Iron Paw Award in 2017 in recognition of his significant impact and contributions to the global animal health industry.

Mr. Shuler serves as CEO and President of Shuler Consulting Services. In addition, Mr. Shuler serves as a board member for the KC Animal Health Investment Forum Technology Selection Committee and has been in that role from 2013 to present. He has also served on the board of Iowa 4H Foundation, the National Future Farmers of America Foundation and the National Cattlemen’s Foundation, as well as the National Cattlemen’s Executive Committee.

The companies he has been involved in establishing include: Pro Vet, a veterinary distribution business; VetLife, a technology start-up that went on to become a pharmaceutical firm; Ivy Animal Health, a generics-focused family business that developed novel differentiated technologies; Ivy Natural Solutions, which meets market needs for non-antibiotic alternatives for performance, health and food safety; and AgSpan Analytics, a big data specialist. Recently, he was one of the founders and investors of AGL-Vetrax, an animal sensor company and cloud analytics solution. Mr. Shuler also owns a coffee roasting company with one of his sons in Austin, Texas and serves as their CFO.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Iowa State University and a master’s degree in Meat Science from the University of Nebraska.

Note: Operating Directors are not employees or agents of Paine Schwartz Partners; they are independent third-party consultants retained by Paine Schwartz Partners on a periodic basis to provide services to the funds Paine Schwartz Partners advises or manages and/or such funds’ portfolio companies.