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Our Strategy

Investing to feed a growing population better food with more efficient use of resources

A global leader in sustainable food chain investing, Paine Schwartz Partners has over 20 years of experience investing in the food and agribusiness sector. We have deep domain expertise, key industry relationships, and a proven track record of successfully investing in the space.

 Our Approach

We Are Thematically-Focused

We deploy capital with a focus on two core investment themes – increasing productivity & sustainability across the global food system, and a growing consumer focus on health & wellness

We Are Thesis-Driven

We generate investment ideas through a proprietary, research-intensive process focused on specific segments of the food & agribusiness value chain

We Are Partnership-Oriented

We often partner with family owned and/or operated businesses, and leverage our industry expertise, network, and team to help them achieve their next phase of growth

We Are Operationally-Focused

We adopt a hands-on approach to value creation, leveraging our expertise, networks and sector knowledge to drive operational excellence across the portfolio

We Are Flexible Investors

We take a solutions-oriented approach in structuring our investments to satisfy the objectives of all stakeholders, from control buyouts to growth equity

Platform Investment Characteristics

Paine Schwartz Partners' strategy is driven by two core themes which we believe are associated with uncorrelated long-term growth.

Productivity and Sustainability

Investing in businesses which enhance productivity in the food value chain while limiting resource consumption.

Health and Wellness

Investing in businesses which provide access to healthier, more nutritious, safer food.

Platform Investment Characteristics

Control Orientation
Company Stage
Company Size
Equity Size

OECD-focused strategy, including global businesses headquartered in North America, Western Europe and Australia/New Zealand

Primarily control investments, with flexibility to make minority investments with appropriate governance

Primarily buyout investments with an allocation to growth equity investments


EBITDA: $10-$100M+

Enterprise Value: $100M-$1B


Commercially successful businesses, but likely pre-profitability


$100-$300M, up to ~$500M including co-investment


$50-100M, with flexibility to start smaller

Note: Some investments made by Paine Schwartz Partners may not follow one or more characteristics stated herein.