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20+ years of experience in a strategy geared to deliver financial returns while simultaneously addressing the sustainability imperative

Paine Schwartz Partners is a private equity firm specializing in sustainable food chain investing. With a differentiated focus on the global food and agribusiness sector, we leverage a thesis-driven approach and operational expertise to enhance value in each of our investments.

Investment Track Record
Including 31 Platforms
Assets Under Management
Invested in Food & Ag
Generated in Co‑Investment

As of April 1, 2024.
In 1997 W. Dexter Paine, III co-founded a private equity firm known as Fox Paine & Company, LLC (the “Predecessor Firm”). Kevin Schwartz was a Managing Director at the Predecessor Firm before co-founding Paine Schwartz Partners with Dexter Paine. “20 years experience” includes the Predecessor Firm. Figures are inclusive of Costa take-private, which is subject to customary closing conditions including shareholder and regulatory approvals. Subject to change upon finalization of equity and coinvest commitments.