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Monterey Mushrooms & Amycel

Founded in 1971, Monterey Mushrooms is the largest producer of fresh mushrooms in the U.S. The Company’s team of 3,000+ serves over 200 customers and has the capacity to produce more than 175 million pounds of mushrooms annually across its five facilities in North America. As a leading vertically integrated mushroom player, Monterey Mushrooms is one of the only companies capable of managing the product breadth and quality needs to deliver consistent volume and on-time supply to major national retailers and foodservice operators. Monterey’s conventional and organic fresh mushrooms in white, brown and exotic types and varieties are consistently identified as market leading in quality.

Amycel is the industry leader in mushroom genetics, providing strain and spawn products and technical services for global mushroom producers for over 40 years. With its sister company Spawn Mate, which has established itself as the standard for mushroom growth and supplements globally, Amycel’s biotech platform is the global leader in mushroom genetics. The Company’s unmatched capabilities and global R&D infrastructure screens thousands of new hybrid strains each year, which has enabled the Company to be the number one leader in strain development and largest supplier of organic growth supplements in North America.

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Monterey Mushrooms: Watsonville, CA

Amycel: San Juan Batista, CA