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October 02, 2023

Kynetec Completes Three Add-on Acquisitions and Launches Four New Innovation Products 

We are pleased to announce that Paine Schwartz Partners portfolio company, Kynetec, a global leader in agricultural and animal health data and analytics, has completed three add-on acquisitions and has launched four new innovative products supporting sustainable farming practices and the well-being of animals.

Add-on Acquisitions: MQ Solutions, Systematics International, CM Research 

  • MQ Solutions in Brazil is a monthly price and retailer monitoring service provider that strengthens Kynetec’s data and analytics capabilities in the region and delivers new valuable and actionable insights. By combining MQ Solutions’ established and high quality price tracking service with Kynetec’s FarmTrak crop protection market tracker, clients will be able to understand price movements by crop and by region, enabling them to make more informed decisions.
  • Systematics International Ltd is a software development, data gathering and data analytics business that aggregates and reports machinery volume statistics for worldwide closed and open data exchanges. Together with Kynetec, Systematics will explore opportunities of expanding the open data exchanges, enabling rapid aggregation and reporting of data for new registrations of ag machinery beyond current markets in line with data compliance rules. Machinery is a rapidly growing and evolving market as technology enables precision agriculture leading to more sustainable uses of inputs ranging from fuel to crop protection products.
  • CM Research specializes in quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis from veterinary professionals and pet owners across the animal health sector. The complementary strengths of CM Research with Kynetec will enable the delivery of quicker and deeper animal health industry insights by increasing access to vets and further complementing Kynetec’s monthly data and insights from PetTrak and VetTrak.

New Innovative Products: BioLogika, RegenTrak, MachineryTrak, AgMeta 

Kynetec launched four new innovative products in 2023 supporting sustainable farming practices: BioLogika (Biopesticides), RegenTrak (Regenerative Ag Practices), MachineryTrak (Ag Machinery) and AgMeta (Sales Planning & Management). Kynetec continues to invest in industry-leading data solutions that are mission critical for leading agribusinesses across the world, delivering new data, analytics and insights services to its clients globally.

  • BioLogika is a secure, online dashboard offering users unique insight into the rapidly scaling global biopesticide market. Utilizing wider FarmTrak data from 100,000 farmers across the US, Brazil and selected EU countries, BioLogika’s interactive dashboard offers subscribers new, previously unavailable data-driven insights. Kynetec is uniquely positioned to link how biologics are used withing a crop production system and quantify reduction on synthetic chemistry.
  • RegenTrak provides farmer-driven insights on regenerative agricultural practices, including cover crops, tillage, fertilizers and carbon program adoption. By providing online dashboards that are an extensive source of farmer-driven data on agricultural regenerative practices, this product is suitable for use by teams involved in sustainability, marketing, and regenerative agriculture.
  • MachineryTrak is the only single source insight into Ag machinery registrations, dealer network coverage and agronomic practices. By providing a unique mix of farm, market and dealer data, MachineryTrak creates an opportunity for brands to create strategy based on insight and trends, amalgamating registration data with evolving agronomic practices and the subsequent impact on sales.
  • AgMeta is an all-in-one sales planning and management solution that helps solve many challenges faced by crop protection and seed businesses today. By combining Kynetec’s FarmTrak data with market-leading analytics using custom-built machine learning algorithms for applications to address Ag-related questions and integrating external data sources, including pests, commodity prices and acreage forecasts, AgMeta enables sales managers and their teams to have a better perspective on the market.

Read more here, where Paul Walker, COO at Kynetec, talks to Agropages about these new products and how data and analytics can support active decision making in the global crop market:—47780.htm