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August 09, 2022

Kynetec and Registrar Successfully Complete Several Add-on Acquisitions

Kynetec Completes Three Add-on Acquisitions

We are pleased to announce that Kynetec, a leader in agricultural market research, has successfully completed three add-on acquisitions in the last two months. The largest of these was Spark, the leading farm panel and marketing research provider in Brazil, which provides Kynetec the opportunity to expedite growth in Brazil by leveraging Kynetec’s existing capabilities in the region. The company is also expanding its offering in Australia with the acquisition of Agriview, the industry-leading data provider for farm machinery companies in Australia, which is the UK with the acquisition of a high-quality UK farmer database and the only of its kind in the UK. These acquired companies have local capabilities which Kynetec can apply more broadly, and the combined company should also benefit from Kynetec’s global resources and scale.

Registrar Completes Two Add-on Acquisitions

We are pleased to announce that Registrar, a leading provider of supply chain compliance software and services across domestic and foreign food/beverage, medical device, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries, successfully completed two add-on acquisitions in Q2 2022. The first of these acquisitions was Cosmetri, GmbH, a Germany-based provider of SaaS solutions that streamline compliance operations and accelerate product development for the cosmetics and personal care industries. The acquisition expands Registrar’s footprint across US and international cosmetics and personal care markets, while creating a more robust service offering for existing and prospective customers. The second acquisition is a SaaS solutions company assisting food and beverage customers in obtaining regulatory compliance in the US and EU markets. It builds on Registrar’s existing offering by expanding into a broader solution set and increasing access to data across the entire value chain, which allows Registrar to address more comprehensive supply chain compliance needs. Both transactions accelerate Registrar’s transition toward a SaaS-oriented business model, strengthen its recurring-revenue profile, and create significant cross-selling opportunities through monetization of Registrar’s +30,000 customers.