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Paine Schwartz Partners Announces Sale of FoodChain ID Completing Successful Investment@2x

July 18, 2018

Global ID Group Rebrands as FoodChain ID


Response to Client Demand for Bundled Services

Fairfield, IA

Global ID Group, based in Fairfield, Iowa has rebranded as FoodChain ID, effective immediately. Formerly, the organization was comprised of three distinct divisions: Genetic ID, CertID and FoodChain ID.

“This satisfies a need expressed by our largest customers time and again, which is to be able to utilize the services of all three divisions via a single point of contact,” says Brad Riemenapp, the newly appointed CEO of FoodChain ID. “The move to one brand not only enhances the customer experience, but streamlines our sales, marketing and communications efforts.”

The former Global ID Group has 20+ years offering specialized services for the food, beverage, ingredient and food component (i.e. grain) industries, spanning the entire food supply chain. As FoodChain ID, the company can work more collaboratively with clients to offer testing and validation, food safety, and consumer label claim services.

“In today’s new food economy, our clients must meet growing consumer and regulatory demand for greater visibility, transparency and sustainability,” explains Riemenapp. “As a result, our clients are under intense pressure to produce at the highest standards, which requires insight into every aspect of the supply chain.”

With so much at stake in the industry, more companies require a single resource with deep expertise that can provide holistic solutions in a way that is nimble and flexible enough to meet them at their point of need. This helps them better manage complex processes and operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

One of the company’s most sought after services is the Non-GMO Project verification service, which is now the most widely recognized standard in North America for verifying Non-GMO food production operations.

In fact, since 2007, as the founding technical administrator for the Non-GMO Project and co-developer of its product verification program, FoodChain ID has verified the majority of the Non-GMO Project Verified market in North America—over 50,000 products representing thousands of brands, manufacturers, processors, growers, distributors, packers, and exporters.

With nearly 50 percent of these Non-GMO clients also requesting organic certifications, the company acquired BioAgricert, a global company with more than 33 years of expertise in the organic sector. BioAgriCert is one of the top, global, NOP-certifying bodies, having certified over 900 operations.

BioAgriCert’s leadership position in organic certification combined with FoodChain ID’s strong leadership position in Non-GMO verification further strengthens FoodChain ID’s leadership position in providing independent third-party labeling claims.

The ability to offer these certifications with other key GFSI-benchmarked food safety and food quality certifications such as SQF, BRC, GlobalG.A.P. and FSSC 22000 allows many of FoodChain ID’s clients the ability to single-source their needs under one roof.

FoodChain ID’s ability to provides integrated food safety and food quality solutions in the rapidly evolving food industry have fueled the company’s growth. Offices are located in the U.S., U.K., Brazil, Germany and Italy and serve over 30,000 clients globally.

Looking forward, Foodchain ID estimates having over 31,000 global clients by the close of 2018.

About FoodChain ID

FoodChain ID, previously known as Global ID Group, until recently was comprised of three divisions, Genetic ID, Cert ID, and FoodChain ID Non-GMO Project verification. In an effort to increase the depth and breadth of its offerings and enhance customer service, the business is now rebranded as FoodChain ID. FoodChain ID provides integrated food safety and food quality solutions that address the challenges and opportunities in the rapidly evolving food industry. Serving more than 30,000 clients in over 100 countries with a market-leading portfolio of testing, inspection, certification and consulting services, FoodChain ID helps companies navigate an increasingly regulated global food economy demanding higher levels of transparency, accountability, safety and sustainability.


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