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Executive Profile Kevin Schwartz@2x

December 05, 2017

Executive Profile: Kevin Schwartz

CEO and Founding Partner, Paine Schwartz Partners

By Michelle Pelletier Marshall

Paine Schwartz Partners is a private equity firm focused exclusively on sustainable food chain investing. The firm has deployed nearly $2 billion in food and ag businesses across soonto-be 16 platforms and 40 total investments. Global companies like AgBiTech, Global ID, Meadow Foods, Costa Group, and Sunrise comprise the Paine Schwartz Partners portfolio.

With U.S. locations in New York and California, and portfolio company operations in more than 20 countries, the firm has carved out a niche with its thesis-based focus on upstream investments in the supply chain, working towards the mission of driving private equity level returns on a risk adjusted basis and avoiding direct commodity exposure.

Kevin Schwartz, CEO and a founding partner, has been with the firm since 2002. GAI Gazette caught up with him as he was preparing to head to Global AgInvesting Asia in Tokyo.

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